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Interview with Eugene Kangawa (Artist)

First and foremost, I am sincerely grateful for this wonderful opportunity in such a truly beautiful place as Bali, Indonesia, at the foot of a World Heritage Site. Visiting Indonesia and engaging with friends there has been a true joy. I would like to thank the people who have said they wanted to make it a permanent museum, and those who committed to the realization.

This museum will be open to all generations. It is a great honor for me to see my works and solo exhibitions go beyond the framework of a touring exhibition and become a permanent museum.

It is an important place in Indonesia, and I hope that we can carefully nurture it with the people around us. There are still a few years to go before the museum opens, and I look forward to its completion as we receive architectural drawings and landscape developments on a daily basis.

The Asia I have lived in is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Among them are places that have long been full of nature and philosophy. When I first visited this new city, I strongly felt by both the splendor and weight of what the world of the future needs. I can say that the whole city’s approach and what I and we have been doing occurred naturally at the same era.

A few years ago, I became interested in understanding the language of Bahasa Indonesia, and I came across the word “Nusantara”. The word means “archipelago”. The appearance of being together, even if there are contradictions, a true symbiosis. In fact, the world is also an archipelago. I am going to take time for a deeper understanding of this word in the future.

In 2016, I held an exhibition of the potential of a cityscape with low-rise buildings and an agriculture-centered city model. When I visited this area, it felt similar to the image I had envisioned at that time. This place is evergreen and uniquely attracts a diverse array of people. It represents an entirely new system/ecology that the world needs. I have always believed this to be one of the important roles of contemporary art.
I believe there are still entirely new possibilities for art and the future direction of society, much like the vast ocean that lies ahead.

Above all, we are very excited to be collaborating with architect Andra and his team. His architecture is a sophisticated blend of tradition and modernism. Most important is the attention to detail and depth that his personality brings. We are exploring an approach that can only be realized in this environment and aims to make the entire architecture a single, integrated work of art.

All I will do is continue to make art as I have always done. Society and the state of art will change drastically in the future. Technology and business alone did not make the world a better place. Philosophy and real places are both necessary. If just one person among those who visit can have an opportunity to think about something, it could lead to changing the world.

At the museum area in Bali, 2023


Eugene Kangawa is a Japanese contemporary artist born in 1989, known for his paintings and large scale installations.
His past exhibition include After the rainbow at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT), Kanazawa 21st Century Museum, 89+ at the Serpentine Gallery (London), etc. He is the youngest artist ever to hold solo exhibition in the history of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, It greatly impressed us.

We, the museum, interpret Eugene creates works that harness and expand the imagination of the mind, delving into the universal concepts around love, fate, and ephemerality, and metaphysics of human existence. In 2023, with the unwavering support of a multinational audience, plans have been set in motion for his first-ever global permanent facility, “Eugene Museum” in Bali.

Eugene Kangawa

Comment / Andra Matin (Architect)

“There are similarities between Eugene’s works and mine which includes our admiration to the sun, breeze and shadow.”
“Visioning the museum to be accessible by everyone, I believe the space can be a subtle palette to the beautiful artworks created by Eugene.”


Established in 1998, andramatin is a studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The practice, which was once consisted of small team working mainly on residential projects, has now expanded to do broader scale and type of projects varying from furniture to urban design projects.
Aiming to cultivate a richer variety of works and remain inclusive out of restricting specialization, andramatin has consistently related itself with different forms of cultural production to expand the possibility of its architecture.

We, the museum, believe that his architecture has always been a wonderful fusion of modernism and tradition.
He also has many projects that are open to the public, such as airports and mosques, bringing about various sociability, his work has been granted a Special Mention Award at the 16th Venice Biennale (2018) and being the winner of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture (2022). This time we look forward to his fusion with Eugene.

Andra Matin

Interview with
Yunosuke Shigesato
(Co-Founder & Producer of Eugene Museum, YES)

“Situated in one of the most beautiful and diverse regions of Asia, this place is destined to continuously generate inspiration unfolds across borders of nations and generations.”

“It has been almost 4 years since we began supporting Eugene’s endeavors. During his solo exhibition in 2022, visitors of various ages and nationalities formed lines, immersing themselves in artworks, actively communicating the scenes. The space was filled with energy where new possibilities of art is being unlocked.
Building upon this experience and the myriad connections, I am pleased that culminated in the realization of this project.
In this utmost beautiful and diverse part of Asia, I commit to exert maximum effort to make this place a continuous source of inspiration that transcends national and generational boundaries.”

A view of Eugene solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2021-2022.
© Eugene Kangawa © 2023 EUGENE STUDIO


Born in Osaka in 1989. A graduate of Waseda University. Yunosuke joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 2013, where he was involved in the overseas trade of food ingredients, business investments and management in Indonesia, and various entrepreneurial activities within the company, including launching an IT venture and selling the business. In July 2023, Yunosuke embarked on an entrepreneurial journey and founded the present company.

Yunosuke Shigesato